Friday, 23 April 2010

Anthony Dry

Artist Anthony dry has provided artwork for Big Finish's original Doctor Who audio plays, for Doctor Who magazine and for the Doctor Who DVD boxsets.
Anthony has kindly donated three signed prints of his fantastic artwork. The first illustrated a feature in Doctor Who magazine on the eigth Doctor audio plays. The other two prints are of illustrations Anthony provided for DVD boxsets.
The prints are A4, are printed on photographic paper and are signed.
We would like to thank Anthony for his very kind contribution.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Andy Walker

Artist Andy Walker has provided illustrations for "DWB" and "Dreamwatch" magazine in the '80s and '90s. More recently he has illustrated stories for the 2006 Dr. Who annual and the four storybooks that followed.
Andy has kindly donated this great signed print of the eleventh Doctor in action. The art was a strip sample sent into "Doctor Who magazine" and this led to Andy illustrating some articles.
Andy says of this picture, "Interestingly I chose to feature the Silurians long before there were any whisperings on the internet about their return in the current series (Although these are the Pertwee ones of course).
Our thanks to Andy for his very kind contribution.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Pete Wallbank

Artist Pete Wallbank has been in contact. Pete has been responsible for a number of Doctor Who video, book, magazine covers and calendars.

Rather than donate a piece of artwork for the auction Pete has very kindly offered to create a commissioned piece of artwork for the highest bidder. For this original piece the winner gets to choose what they would like.
As part of the package they would receive all of the original preliminary work as well - it could end up as several original works for the price of one!

The accompanying artwork is an example of Pete's stunning artwork. For further examples please check out Pete's website in the Links section.

As always, keep reading the blog for details on when the artwork will be auctioned.

Our thanks to Pete for his very kind donation.