Sunday, 13 December 2009

Barry Kitson

Here is an original pen and ink drawing by comic artist Barry Kitson. Barry drew this as a page rough for the 2000ad strip "Anderson Psi division" in 1987. In the end artist Will Simpson worked it up into the completed page which was used.

Richard Herring

As well as auctioning artwork by children's illustrators the 2010 auction will also auction other types of artwork.
Here is an A4 original caricature of comedian Richard Herring in ink and watercolour. The piece has been signed by Richard.

New Frances Cony book

Another "Art for hearts" auction will be running in 2010 starting during transplant week in the middle of the year.
Artist Frances Cony has kindly donated this wonderful pop-up book, "Sausages!"
The book is signed and also comes with a signed card.
Thank you Frances.


Apologies for not posting the total raised by the "Art for hearts" auction. At the end of the auction a total of £525.16 was raised.
A huge thank you to everybody who donated art or bid during the auction.